Monday, October 14, 2019

Hi, Jack!

Hi, Jack! Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Greg Pizzoli. 2019. 80 pages. [Source: Library

First sentence: This is Jack. Hi, Jack! Look, Jack waves hi back!

Premise/plot: Jack is a very naughty rabbit who stars in Mac Barnett’s newest children’s book. Jack isn’t the only character, mind you. There’s also an old lady (the lady) and Rex the dog. It’s told in simple, easy-to-read words and short sentences. It is entertaining.

My thoughts: Mischievous characters can be quite fun to read about. I certainly wouldn’t want too many Jacks in real life! Early readers can often be a little lacking in story. This story is packed with equal parts naughtiness and reprimands. It also includes a bonus section where readers can learn how to draw the characters.

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