Friday, February 1, 2019

Board book: Animals With Tiny Cat

Animals with Tiny Cat. Viviane Schwarz. 2018. 30 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Cat. Purr. Mouse. Squee. Elephant. Toot. Bird. Tweet.

Premise/plot: Tiny Cat is playing dress up. She is dressing up as other animals. As her play continues, she discards the old and dons the new. But will her mess-making come back to haunt her?! Or will she be triumphant at the last.

My thoughts: I really liked this one. It was cute. Little ones who loved Counting with Tiny Cat should definitely seek this one out as well. Schwarz has written several other books starring cats--all of them delightful. I've reviewed There Are Cats In This Book and There Are No Cats In This Book.

The text of this one is simple, super simple. I liked the text, I did. But I loved, loved, LOVED the illustrations. They add all the silliness.

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