Monday, February 5, 2018

Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals: A Spin and Spot Book. Liza Charlesworth. Illustrated by Brandon Reese. 2017. Scholastic. 16 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: NEIGHBORHOOD. Nature is right outside your door! The places people live are home to lovable pets and lots of other creatures, too. Can you spot all eight neighborhood animals?
FARM. Moo! Cluck! Baa! The farm is a noisy place filled with friendly creatures that give us milk, eggs, and wool for sweaters. Can you spot all eight farm animals?

Premise/plot: Each two-page spread provides another opportunity for parents and little ones to spot, to identify, different animals. The locales covered are neighborhood, farm, rain forest, desert, arctic, and ocean. Each spread has a wheel that turns that reveals each animal. (Technically there are three wheels; they have different animals printed on the front and back.

My thoughts: An amazing story, it is not. It is serviceable though, what more can you expect from a novelty book? I think there is potential for a quality reading experience--a shared time together--on a lap, in bed, wherever. I think little ones may enjoy turning the wheel and spotting the animals. This one may pair well with Baby Einstein's Baby Noah. 

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