Monday, June 14, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Orangutans are Ticklish

Orangutans Are Ticklish: Fun Facts From an Animal Photographer. Steve Grubman and Jill Davis. 2010. June 2010. Random House. 40 pages.

I really loved this one. You could say it had me at hello. Who could resist a book with a cover (front and back) like this? I *wish* you could see the back cover! This is a very fun, very playful, yet very informative picture book. Steve Grubman is an animal photographer. And Orangutans Are Ticklish features some of his photographs. Accompanying these photos are a collection of animal facts.
A hippo's yawn doesn't mean she's tired. It means she wants to fight.
These fat, fleshy feet are holding up a lot of hippo! That's why each foot has four webbed toes. They splay out like fans to share the heavy weight of the body.
See the eyes and nostrils high atop the hippo's head? That's so the hippo can see and breathe while she sits in water all day long--just like a frog.
If you enjoyed this one, you should definitely seek out Animal Faces by Akira Satoh and Kyoko Toda. Also Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman.

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