Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher. Amy Husband. 2010. July 2010. Sourcebooks. 24 pages.

Michael is a little boy who does NOT want to go to school. The book opens with a letter--well, in all honesty, the whole book is composed of letters. This opening letter is a welcome letter from the principal at his school. A letter introducing him to his new teacher, Miss Brooks. Most of the book is then his letters to Miss Brooks. What does he write about? What could he possibly have to say? Well, he's concocting a story--a very elaborate, detailed story--quite the adventure story at that. This story, he is sure, will explain why he couldn't possibly come to school. He'll definitely, definitely be missing the first day of school. Why the nation depends on him, doesn't it?!

Dear Teacher is silly and imaginative. I liked it. Here is Michael's first letter:

Dear Teacher,

I might be a bit late for the first day of school. The weirdest thing happened today. The head of the secret service turned up! They need me for a special secret mission to find a missing explorer. I did mention the math test, but he just said that the future of the country depends on me. I couldn't say no. Sorry Miss Brooks.

From Michael

P.S. Bruno's coming with me he makes a great bloodhound.
P.P.S. The stuff I've told you is Top Secret, so please eat this letter.

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