Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daddy's Little Scout

Daddy's Little Scout. Janet Bingham. Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw. 2010. Scholastic. 32 pages.
Little Fox was making music. "La, la, la!" he sang. "Shhh! said Daddy Fox. "Listen!" Little Fox stopped singing. "Tweet-tweet-tweet," sang the tree, sweetly.
Daddy's Little Scout is a companion to Mommy's Little Star. In this adventure, Little Fox and Daddy Fox are exploring nature. Daddy is teaching Little Fox about the world around him. Together they are meeting different animals. Daddy Fox teaching him, showing him, where different animals live, where they make their homes. It's a book celebrating spring too.

I didn't love this one. If I hadn't read Mommy's Little Star, then I might have liked this one better. But after knowing that there is a Mommy Fox. It's sad (at least sad to me) that she doesn't make an appearance in this one. One small appearance would have made a difference to me. But the book closes with Daddy Fox and Little Fox making a new home together, all cozy and affectionate.

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