Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Little Dump Truck

Cuyler, Margery. 2009. The Little Dump Truck. Illustrated by Bob Kolar. Henry Holt.

This is a sturdy picture book about dump trucks. (One of those that isn't quite a board book, the pages aren't quite that thick, yet they're thicker and sturdier than the average picture book making it perfect for preschoolers.) It's a simple book, brightly illustrated.

I'm a little dump truck
run by Hard Hat Pete,
driving down the street.

It rhymes, but it's the good kind of rhyme. The smart kind. The rhythmic kind. The kind that's fun to read aloud, again and again.

I'm a little dump truck
hauling stones and rocks,
bumping, bouncing, thumping,
crossing city blocks.

See, it's just fun to say bumping, bouncing, thumping. But the book isn't all about rhyming. It's about trucks--what dump trucks do, the kinds of work, the kinds of jobs they do. You see them in action.

I'm a little dump truck
backing to the right,
tipping down my dumper
at the garbage site.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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