Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helen Oxenbury

Helen Oxenbury's All Fall Down.
Helen Oxenbury's Clap Hands.
Helen Oxenbury's Say Goodnight.
Helen Oxenbury's Tickle, Tickle.

Simon & Schuster is reprinting these four classic books written and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. (They were originally published in 1987). I believe they are available individually and as a collection. (Barnes & Noble, for example, has the gift set--due to be released this December--for $7.99)

What makes these books special? Well, they're short, sweet, and simple. How short is short? Four spreads (two pages = 1 spread) apiece. How sweet is sweet? The books features babies of all colors happily doing baby things. A book about babies for babies. In other words, adorable babies all. How simple is simple? Each book is just one sentence long. Yes, just one sentence. But that one sentence is a poetic little verse full of rhythm.

I'll just choose one to highlight...

Clap hands, dance and spin,
open wide and pop it in,
blow a trumpet, bang a drum,
wave to Daddy, wave to Mom.

My favorite is probably All Fall Down. But all of these are sweet in their own way.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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