Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maisy's Snowy Christmas Eve

Cousins, Lucy. 2009. Maisy's Snowy Christmas Eve: A Holiday Board Book*. Candlewick Press.

This may just be my favorite Maisy yet. Not that I don't appreciate plotless Maisy books in all their bright, colorful splendor, but this one, you know, actually has a plot. And this one actually has Maisy's friends being an active part of the story. Having personalities.

I thought the writing of this one was clever.

Everyone was invited to Maisy's house for Christmas.
Cyril went on snowshoes and got there slowly.
Charley and Tallulah went by sled and got there quickly.
Eddie went by foot...and got stuck in the snow!

Everyone arrives at Maisy's house, and the fun is just getting started** when they realize that one of their friends isn't there. What's happened to Eddie?

Tallulah and Cyril hung stockings
But where was Eddie?
Maisy and Charley made mince pies and paper chains.
But where was Eddie?
Everyone helped decorate the tree.
But where was Eddie?

*Christmas is a holiday, and they want you to know it!
**I personally think they should have realized it a bit sooner. How could they not miss him???

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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