Friday, January 23, 2009

Snugglebug Friday: Reviews of the Just Like Us series

Just Like Us! Series. Stockham, Jess, 2008

Books in this series: Having Fun!; Together!; Making Friends!; Taking it Easy!

This is a series of four books. Each book has the same basic premise and layout. On the left page is the text and on the right page is a picture of animals or birds. Then the reader lifts the flap to see two children in the same activity as the animals or birds. The text might read something like, "Raccoons are hide-and-seeking," with the facing page reading, "We are too."

Snugglebug and Ladybug love this series. Snugglebug loves the animals and Ladybug loves the children. She especially loves the children because they encompass so many races and disabilities. There are several pictures portraying a child with a hearing aid and another has an eye patch. Ladybug loves the way this book teaches Snugglebug that we are all the same regardless of race or disability. Especially poignant since Snugglebug too wears an eye patch occasionally.

This is a great series. We are enjoying reading all four books over and over.

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