Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knitty Kitty

Elliott, David. 2008. Knitty Kitty. Illustrated by Christopher Denise. Candlewick Press.

Knitty Kitty, you guessed it, is about a cat that knits. What does she knit, you ask? Why she knits things to keep her three little kittens warm and cozy.

Knitty Kitty sits and knits.

First comes a hat, then comes some mittens, and last but not least a scarf. But what happens when these three little kittens give away their presents--give them to the snowman in their yard? How will three little kittens stay all warm and cozy now? Knitty Kitty has a solution! Read and see for yourself.

I enjoyed this one. What I loved about it--however--was the detail of the illustrations. How observant are YOU? Do you see the story going on behind-the-scenes? Did you catch on about what these playful little kittens were up to before the text does the big reveal? If you didn't catch it the first time, go back and read it a second time. It adds a whole new layer to this book perfect for winter time reading.

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