Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a Happy Hugglewug

Sharkey, Niamh. 2009. I'm a Happy Hugglewug. Candlewick. (International Lit.) (Board Book)

I'm a bit at a loss of words about the Hugglewugs. I think this is a personal reaction. I mean I don't think you'd be going 'huh?' necessarily. I think the publisher says it best:

Laugh and play the Hugglewug way! A fun exploration of family life from an acclaimed illustrator.

Meet the Hugglewugs, a brand-new family – in fact, a brand-new species! Follow them as they go about their everyday lives – singing, eating, going to school, running, sliding, skipping and, of course, hugging! A great introduction to first words and counting for the very young, Niamh Sharkey's bold and bright illustrations bring these energetic new characters to life. So join in with the Hugglewug songs, games, activities and rhymes!

It's more of an experience than a book. I think lack-of-story might be one way to say it. Lots of words, but not one story in particular. There are songs, rhymes, games, etc.

"It's time for Hugglewug School!"

Here comes a Hugglewug
through the window.
Here comes a
Hugglewug through
the door.
Here comes a Hugglewug
around the corner.
Hugglewugs! Hugglewugs! Hugglewugs!
At Hugglewug School we learn to....

Any guesses? Rhymes with door. They're a bit too over-the-top in love with themselves for my taste. But maybe for its intended age group--2 and 3 year olds...Hugglewugs are irresistible.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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