Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Improvement Project Assignment #2.2

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Sophisticated Dorkiness: Assignment # 2 Blog Improvement Project

My 'feature' of Young Readers is a shared feature. Ladybug and Snugglebug are helping me out here. :) Who are Ladybug and Snugglebug, you ask? Well, Snugglebug is my third and most prolific baby reviewer. What does a baby reviewer do? Well, he or she tests out books for me. Sometimes this involves some taste-testing. Snugglebug is the son of Ladybug, a friend I've had for over ten years. (He's almost one! I can't believe how fast time goes!) She lives nearby (relatively speaking of course) so I always set aside some books for Snugglebug to review for me. His past contributions can be found here. He'll be reviewing books every first and third Friday.

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  1. Hi - just saw your interview on Maw Books, and I'm so excited to see these reviews. Our "to read sometime" list is about to get MUCH longer! When we created a blog recently, it was with this exact thing in mind...reviewing baby books from our little bookworm's perspective. I'm so excited to find another person doing it, and to check some of these books out! Of course, it is all unique to the particular child, and what I struggle with is how his reactions change over time. But, it is still great fun to document, and hopefully useful to other parents picking books. Off to subscribe to your blog and hunt for some library request books! PS I call our little guy snugglebug often too.