Friday, January 5, 2018

Make It Now: Princesses

Make It Now: Princesses. Stephanie Rousseau. 2018. HMH. 12 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Choose a princess page to decorate and then pull out that page of the book. Press out the princess, the little animal pal, and each of their stands. Color the princess's dress however you'd like.

Premise/plot: Make It Now: Princesses is a novelty book. If your little one loves playing paper dolls, loves coloring, loves sticking stickers, this one may be for you. There are five princesses to play with.

My thoughts: I like the idea of liking this one. I certainly loved playing paper dolls as a child. One strength I see is that the dolls (and animals) are printed on very sturdy material. One weakness may be that you can't change their outfits.

One thing that bothers me as an adult is that it is only the front of each outfit that needs coloring. The back of each outfit is already colored in. So your options are to try to match the colors of the front and back to the best of your ability, OR, to not care and embrace the chaos of a clashing outfit.

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