Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Max at School

Max at School (Max and Ruby). Rosemary Wells. Illustrated by Andrew Grey. 2017. [Oct. 24] 32 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Max gives Mama a kiss. Ruby gives Papa a kiss. "Bye-bye," say Mama and Papa. "Bye-bye," say Ruby and Max. Mama and Papa wave. Ruby and Max wave. They hop on the bus. The big bus is yellow.

Premise/plot: It is Max's first day of school. I'm not sure if this is preschool or kindergarten. But a first day is a first day, right?! The book--in typical fashion--shows Max going through the routine of a school day.

My thoughts: I love Max and Ruby. (Ruby and Max). It's not unusual for me to be going around singing the Max and Ruby theme song. Recently, the show introduced Max and Ruby's parents. Before they had lived by themselves and only had a grandmother to check in on them now and then. The new episode(s) also featured Max saying more than one word per episode. Max had grown up a bit. This new reader--level two--reflects that. The text is simple, and there is something methodical about it.

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