Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby's Book Tower

Baby's Book Tower. By Leslie Patricelli. 2010. August 2010. Candlewick. 96 pages.

The book contains four board books (book blocks) by Leslie Patricelli:Yummy Yucky, Baby Happy Baby Sad, No No Yes Yes, Quiet Loud.

I love, love, love Leslie Patricelli's board books. She is such a great writer and great illustrator! And these four books are among her best. They're simple. They're fun. They're true-to-life.

Aren't the illustrations fun? I just love them!

From Yummy Yucky:
Spaghetti is yummy.
Worms are yucky.
Blueberries are yummy.
Blue crayons are yucky.
From Quiet Loud:
Whispering is quiet.
Screaming is loud.
Crayons are quiet.
Pots and pans are loud.
No No Yes Yes and Baby Happy Baby Sad rely on the illustrations to tell the story. For example, in Baby Happy Baby Sad, we learn that baby is happy when he's hugging the cat and sad when the cat runs away. Or my favorite, the baby is happy to be naked and sad to be bundled up in a snowsuit. And in No No Yes Yes, readers learn that baby drawing on the wall gets a No No while baby drawing on a piece of paper gets a Yes Yes.

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