Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiny & Hercules

Schwartz, Amy. 2009. Tiny & Hercules. Roaring Book Press.

I loved this one. It's true. (Granted I love elephants. I do. And I've always had a thing for mice in picture books. So cute and adorable. And there are so many great books starring mice out there, there's always something to delight in!) It stars Tiny, an elephant, and Hercules, a mouse. These two are great friends. And in this picture book, we see the two star in many adventures together. These small adventures pack in a whole lot of fun! Let me tell you. They had me smiling the whole time. Rather the pair are ice skating, painting, knitting, or throwing a birthday party for a friend, they're always good for a smile and a laugh. They're just charming characters to get to know. I think you'll enjoy this one as well!

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