Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk

Howe, James. 2009. Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk. Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay. Candlewick Press.

I enjoyed this one very much. There are three adventures shared: Plink, Crash, and Plunk. These two friends--plus Bert--have some exciting adventures together. In the first one, Plink, Houndsley wants to go canoeing...but with Bert out of town...Catina is his only companion. And he hates how Catina talks, talks, talks, all the time when they're out on the lake. In Crash, Houndsley is the unfortunate recepient of a bicycle. He doesn't know how to ride it, and is too scared to admit it. Can Bert and Catina teach this dog a new trick? In Plunk, Catina is brave and seeks to conquer her fear of the water with the help of her friends Bert and Houndsley. Together, these three can do anything!

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