Friday, August 17, 2007

Why Do I Have To Eat Off The Floor

Today's review is a picture book from Australia called Why Do I Have To Eat Off the Floor? by Chris Hornsey. The illustrator is Gwyn Perkins. The publisher is Walker & Company. It is being published for the first time in the U.S. in 2007.

Originally published in Australia in 2005, Why Do I Have To Eat Off The Floor? is a humorous series of questions asked by the dog to its owner, a child. The questions and answers may sound a bit familiar in a different context--that of a child questioning a parent. What kinds of questions? Well, here are some of my favorites--taken at random

Why do I have to take a bath after playing in the mud?
Why can't we play ALL the time?
Why can't I have a pet duck or an elephant?
Why do I have to be good when we have company?
Why can't I jump on the chair?

The answers are just as great as the questions. Whether you have dogs, children, or both...I think Why Do I Have To Eat Off the Floor is a delightfully funny read that everyone can enjoy!

About the author: Chris Hornsey is a journalist and the owner of a very lovable and demanding dog named Murphy, who is not entirely convinced she is a member of the canine family. This is Chris’s first book. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

About the illustrator: Gwyn Perkins has a background in animation and advertising. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Kirkus Review of Why Can't I Eat Off The Floor?

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