Monday, August 20, 2007

The Baby Shower

Bunting, Eve. 2007. The Baby Shower. Illustrated by Judy Love.

The Baby Shower is a cute, adorable book about Ms. Brindle Cow and her animal friends. Ms. Brindle is expecting a baby. The book opens with the cow--very pregnant cow--reclining against a tree reading a book called 1001 Baby Names. (Written by Daisy, Flossie, and Bossy). By her side is a basket of milk, pickles, and what appears to be a sleeve of crackers or cookies. (Hard to judge!) And in the shady tree there is a nest full of birds. One of the birds passes along the news to his friend, the Chipmunk. And, of course, the Chipmunk has to spread the word as well. Before you know it, there is a large group of animals--a chipmunk, a turtle, many rabbits (mother and offspring), four pigs (mama and three piglets), and a duck--a preacher duck--on their way to celebrate the arrival of Ms. Brindle's calf. They're preparing a special song to sing at the celebrations and showing off their gifts for the new one. Very cute gifts I might add. But a big surprise awaits them all...something which means an even bigger celebration is in order!

I loved the story. I loved the pictures. It was just so very cute and adorable. I know not every reader likes *cute* stories with animals--some of which are dressed as humans--but there are many people who do. So judge this one for yourself. But as for me and my family, we loved The Baby Shower.

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  1. Well it does sound very cute! I like the artwork. I'm glad you posted pictures of it.

    Thanks for reviewing!