Thursday, August 30, 2007

While We Were out

While We Were Out is written and illustrated by Ho Baek Lee. This is his third picture book. The first American edition of this book was published in 2003 by Kane/Miller. Have you ever come back home to discover a big mess in your house? Have you ever wondered how it got quite so messy? Do you ever wonder what it is your pets do while your away? While We Were Out does just that. Based on a 'true' story of a pet rabbit let loose in the house, it follows the adventures of a bunny who gets into quite a lot of stuff--and makes quite a mess of things--while everyone is away visiting Grandma. The illustrations are just so fun. As the rabbit leaves some "surprises" for his family to discover when they return. Picking out these 'surprising' clues can be quite fun, I imagine, for young and old alike. I also imagine that teachers (and parents even) could use this book as a jumping off point to have kids write their own tales. I would imagine that every child with a pet has a few stories they'd love to share--both in words and pictures. And soon they'd be a whole classroom library of "While We Were Out" adventures for everyone to share and enjoy.

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