Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby's Day and Let's Play

LittleMiss was the proud recipient of two board books at our last visit. Both are published by Candlewick. Both are part of their "Easy-Open" series of board books. Both are by Michael Blake. Both feature black and white photography. One of the titles, Baby's Day, focuses on common objects that a baby is likely to encounter: rattle, book, chair, diaper, wipes, bathtub, towel, teether, etc. Let's Play is a title that again focuses on objects from a toddler's world: shoes, hat, sunglasses, pool, bucket & shovel, balloons, etc. What are the books like? Well, the photographs sometimes are one page, sometimes two pages. And each black and white photograph has the selected object highlighted in color. For example, the text might read "rattle" and so the yellow and red rattle would stand out against the black and white background. Primary colors--red, green, blue, yellow--are used throughout. What does Easy-Open mean? Well, the pages are staggered. So they're easier for little hands to grasp (or big hands) because the pages don't stick together. And you can differentiate between the pages easier. (So you won't accidentally turn two pages.) Overall, I enjoyed the books. I really liked the two-page spread of balloons found in Let's Play as well as the two-page spread featuring the wading pool and toys.

Let's see what LittleMiss thought of the books:

Sarah enjoyed both the "Let's Play" and "Baby Day" books. She didn't stare at the pages quite as long as some of her other books, perhaps because of the black and white pages. Her mother thought the books were beautifully photographed and they reminded her of coffee table books for babies. Her mother also thought that the easy open pages were quite smart. The only drawback is that the books are not slick and so when they ended up in Sarah's mouth (as most things do these days) the cover was a bit wet for a while.

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