Wednesday, December 9, 2020

121. True Rescue A Storm Too Soon

True Rescue: A Storm Too Soon. Michael J. Tougias. 2021. [July] 128 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Sixty-two-year-old Rudy Snel from Canada is standing in the warm Florida sunshine. He is outside an airport waiting to meet Jean Pierre de Lutz, the owner of a sailboat named the Sean Seamour II. The 44-foot sailboat will carry Rudy, Jean Pierre, and a third sailor from Florida to France.

Premise/plot: True Rescue: A Storm Too Soon also appears to be an early chapter book adaptation of another book--possibly an adaptation of an adaptation. Either way it's packed with intensity and action. It's set in May 2007--in the Atlantic Ocean. A small sail boat with three sailors are in a fight for their lives against Mother Nature. 

The book alternates between these three sailors and their would-be Rescuers. 

My thoughts: I definitely found this book--and the other True Rescue book I read--to be exciting and action-packed. Would recommend to those looking for an exciting nonfiction read. 


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