Tuesday, September 8, 2020

94. Bathtime with Ducky Darling

Bathtime with Ducky Darling. Lucy Cousins. 2020. Candlewick. 8 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Oh, goody! Hooray! It's bathtime today! Into the water to splish-splash and play!

Premise/plot: It's a bath book by Lucy Cousins. It stars a duck and his (or her) friends. It is very much typical Cousins' artwork: bright, bold, colorful. Being a bath book it is waterproof. Little hands and little mouths can rejoice.

My thoughts: It is relatively easy--relatively--to get my hands on board books to review. (Though not in COVID years). But cloth books and bath books are much rarer to receive as review copies. (Probably because fewer are being newly published.) I do enjoy cloth books AND bath books because I believe babies should have options people!!! Board books are not drool proof let alone teeth proof. And cloth and bath books hold up better. Also board books have a bad tendency to get their pages stuck together. Some books are really, really, really bad about that. I remember one book I had read about a dozen times before I discovered that two pages had been stuck together all that time!!! (The little one didn't seem to miss the story on those pages.)

So I love the format. I welcome it. But the text itself, well, it's almost neither here nor there. It's nothing special and amazing. But the fact that it's an opportunity to have special happy times with your little one makes it a good choice. 

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