Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miles to Go

Miles to Go. Jamie Harper. 2010. Candlewick Press. 32 pages.
"Another day, another drive," Miles says.
He packs up the car and climbs inside.
"Have to get to school!"
Miles puts on his seat belt. Check.
Cranks the key. Check.
Squeezes the horn.
Uh-oh. Broken!
No time to fix it now.
Miles to Go is such a fun book. I loved the illustrations. I loved the text. I loved everything! It was cute. But not too cute. Simple, but not too simple. It was funny in all the right ways. It just worked really, really well. It had a certain something that I just loved and adored.

I think it would make a great read aloud for a group. But I also think it would be nice to share one-on-one with a child you love! I'll definitely be recommending this one!

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