Saturday, October 23, 2010

Binky To The Rescue

Binky to the Rescue. Ashley Spires. 2010. Kids Can Press. 64 pages.

Another one got in.
It's the third alien today.
But it will not escape.
Binky is an official certified space cat.
His ongoing mission is to protect his space station from alien invasion.
Even if it means dealing with...
One alien at a time.
Lately, Binky has intensified his patrolling duties.
His speed...his agility...and his super fighting skills...require all his focus.

Binky is back in his second adventure. His first, Binky the Space Cat, I just LOVED! I wasn't expecting a sequel, so I was thrilled when I received a copy of Binky To The Rescue. What will this certified space kitty do in his second adventure? Will it be just as cute, just as funny?

I wasn't disappointed. Binky faces a great danger--not once but twice--in Binky to the Rescue. He faces the dangers of outer space. For those that haven't read the first book, outer space--to Binky at least--is outside. In Binky To The Rescue, Binky accidentally leaves his space station (the house). And it is quite scary--let me tell you--Binky does not like it one little bit. Fortunately, his owner notices he's missing and rescues him--just in time! But when he realizes that his friend, his companion, his copilot is missing (Ted the Mousie), it's time for this kitty to get brave. Ted must be rescued! He must! Face his fears, he will. Can Binky save Ted? Can he find his way outdoors again?

I would definitely recommend both Binky books. These graphic novels are very fun!

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