Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nominations are open for the Cybils!

What you need to know about Cybils nominations:

The links:
Nomination questions, Young Adult Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction Picture Books, Nonfiction MG/YA books, Graphic Novels, Fiction Picture Books, Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Please remember to read ALL the nominations in the comments BEFORE you post your own nomination. Extra votes help no one. Also remember that there might be several pages of comments when you go to nominate, so keep hitting "next" (or "previous") until you've read them all.
The rules:

Oct. 1-15: Nominations are open.
Jan. 1: Finalists announced.
Feb. 14: Winners announced.

In between, we publish excerpts of book reviews from around the kidlitosphere of the titles you nominated.

Just a few rules:

1. One nomination per genre per person.
2. The book must be published between Jan. 1 - Oct. 15 this year.
3. English or bilingual books only (the second language doesn't matter).

Here's how you nominate:

On Oct. 1, we publish all nine genres* as separate posts. You leave your nomination in the comments section of each post.

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