Monday, October 20, 2008

The Foggy, Foggy Forest

Sharratt, Nick. 2008. The Foggy, Foggy Forest.

This is a beautiful picture book that offers one delight after another. It's just beautifully put together. "What can that be in the foggy, foggy forest? What fantastic creatures are lurking there? Turn the clouded pages and see!" reads the back cover. I can honestly say that I've never quite seen a picture book (or any book for that matter) like it.

It's a repetitive book. By repetitive, I don't mean boring. I mean it has a refrain; it has a pattern. We first read the question, "What can this be in the foggy, foggy forest?" The picture provides a clue, albeit a clue in shadow or silhouette. The next page reveals the answer in bright, very vivid colors. (In text as well is the answer revealed.) This sequence is repeated again and again providing ample opportunities for children to have a guess and join in the refrain.

I loved the illustrations. This was just a fun concept of a book. I liked that the foggy, foggy forest was full of fairy-tale (or folk-tale) creatures like The Three Bears, Goldilocks, Snow-White, Cinderella, etc. This would be great book for story time.

This book releases in November 2008.

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