Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Madam President

Smith, Lane. 2008. Madam President.

It's hard work being president...even if it's only pretend. Just ask the heroine of Lane Smith's newest picture book, Madame President, which features a little girl with determination, ambition, and stubborn pride for her country. We first meet our heroine in bed; she's reading a book on The Presidents. Throughout the book, she lists (and lists!) the duties and responsibilities of being a President of the United States of America. But her setting--her surroundings are familiar ones--her home, her neighborhood, and her school. She's got it down, alright. She's got a plan--a big plan. And waving the red, white, and blue is part of it all.

There are so many things--small things really--that make this one work. The fact that the first executive order of the day involves waffles. The fact that among her cabinet members is a sock monkey who is the "secretary of naps." The fact that she loves her veto power. And one of the first things she vetoes is the lunchroom tuna casserole. The fun just continues. The text and illustrations are just right. There are enough details to keep the reader interested and involved.

My favorite favorite part? When she visits a designated Disaster Area--a.k.a. her bedroom. "A president has to lead by example, even if it means cleaning her own room."

There is so much to love, so much to enjoy. Definitely recommended.

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  1. What a great way to introduce the presidency to young ones! How brilliant!