Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time Spies: Bones in the Badlands

Ransom, Candice. 2006. Time Spies: Bones in the Badlands.

Bones in the Badlands is book two in the Time Spies series, a series geared toward younger readers just emerging into the chapter book genre. The main characters are Alex, Mattie, and Sophie, a set of siblings, gifted with a magical spyglass that transports them back in time. They're not touring history unguided, however. Their parents own a quaint-but-fabulous historical inn. Now and then, guests visit the inn that are more than they seem. These guides leave notes--hints--that prepare the children for their next adventure. In Bones in the Badlands, their travel guide is a woman, a paleontologist. This adventure sees the siblings (and Ellsworth the elephant of course) traveling back to Wyoming in 1898 to help out on a historic dig. The siblings must help Walter Granger dig for dinosaur bones. Readers will learn a few things alongside our heroes including how to make a plaster cast of tracks.

I am really enjoying this series. I am looking forward to reading more and squeezing these reviews in as I get the chance!

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