Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Born

Suen, Anastasia. 1998. Baby Born.

Baby Born is a gentle and soothing read that will show the transitioning of the seasons and the transitions of a growing baby. The book is small and sturdy which will make it a good choice for reading to young ones. Many spreads feature flaps to lift as well. (Those are always fun!)

It begins simply,

Baby born
in winter's sleep
snowflakes fall
snuggle deep
Winter, spring, summer, fall, and back to winter. Readers (and listeners) will be able to follow baby's growth as the months of the year roll by. Baby Born would be a fine choice for new moms.

The watercolor illustrations are by Chih-Wei Chang.

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  1. This book was my absolute favorite book to read to my small ones. It's so peaceful with such short text on each page. I think I may still have it memorized and the illustrations are fabulous. In FACT, I just remembered that when it was finally ripped into shreds by my third child I cut it apart and taped it in my huge journal. Good memories :)