Monday, December 3, 2007

Thank You Bear

Foley, Greg. 2007. Thank You Bear.

Sometimes I read a book and it's magic through and through. I just love everything about it. It just works. Such is the case with Thank You Bear by Greg Foley. It's simple. It's sweet. It's true. There is a purity about it almost. Bear, our hero, finds a little box. Something he exclaims "is the greatest thing ever!" He knows, he really knows that his friend Mouse would love this box. And so Bear begins his journey to give his friend a present. Along the way, he encounters many different animals--a monkey, an owl, a fox, an elephant, a squirrel, a bunny. Each one tells him that a box isn't that great, isn't that special, isn't much of a present, isn't much of anything really. Bear ponders this, and while he's pondering all those messages Mouse happens to find him. And guess what? Mouse sees the box and loves it. Mouse agrees with Bear that it is the greatest thing ever!!! And the book ends with a big, sincere "Thank you, Bear!!!" It says so much with so little text. I just love, love, loved it!!!

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