Monday, December 3, 2007

I Don't Like Gloria

Umansky, Kaye. 2007. I Don't Like Gloria. Illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain.

This picture book is all about pet politics. Calvin, the dog, doesn't like the fact that his owners brought home a new pet. Gloria, the cat, has now become the center of attention. When Gloria 'provokes' Calvin--eating his food, sleeping on his bed, etc.--it is Calvin who gets in trouble. The two continue bickering until one day there's another unpleasant addition to the family--a rabbit named Jeffrey. This one is simple enough. And I liked it. I think it is plenty enjoyable. But after reading the magic that is Thank You, Bear...I'm not in love with it. For pet lovers, owners, (dog, cat, bird, rabbit, whatever) this will be a funny, true-to-life read about the adjustment period pets must go through when a new one is introduced.

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