Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Starring Woof...

Three touch-n-feel books that stand out this past year are Woof's Bedtime, Woof's Bathtime, and Woof's Snacktime. All three are by Caroline Jayne Church. (Also available although not one I received a review copy Woof's Playtime. I'd imagine it would be just as charming as the other three in the series.)

If I had to pick a favorite of the three, it would be Woof's Bedtime. It had me at hello. The cover pictures a black and white dog asleep in bed with what appears to be a teddy bear. Woof is tucked in all nice and cozy with a touch-n-feel yellow blanket. If that yellow blankie isn't enough to draw you in...the first spread features a mirror. Trust me. Babies love nothing more than mirrors. Any book with a mirror is sure to be a big winner. This one's no exception. Other features include fuzzy blue socks, a lift-the-flap bedtime story, and a bedtime scene where the reader can tuck Woof in...a liftable yellow blankie. The illustrations are bright and colorful. The interactive features are just fun, fun, fun. So I definitely recommend this one.

Woof's Bathtime is also a fun treat. Interactive features include touching a "sticky" substance supposed to be bubble bath or soap...a rippled texture representing a bath brush, and a nice red touch-n-feel towel. A liftable touch-n-feel bath towel I might add. I'm sure it doesn't get past young readers that they can lift the towel up and see the dog's behind--cute tail and all. But the surefire winner of this one is once again a mirror.

Woof's Snacktime is also fun. Interactive touch-n-feel features include a tablecloth, sticky cake icing, and furry bellies on Woof and a friendly cat. This one is my least favorite of the bunch. Though I'm not sure why. Perhaps as an adult, I am more critical of white furry bellies on orange kitties, I don't know. Another detail that I noticed was out of place at least on my review copy was that the text calls for a shiny red ball. And the illustrations present a shiny blue ball. But that being said, it could just be my copy that was later corrected in other printings. A parent could easily substitute the word "blue" for "red" when reading aloud and the child would be none the wiser.

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