Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Koala Lou

Fox, Mem. Koala Lou.

Koala Lou is an old friend of mine. Well, as "old" as a friend can be that was published in 1988. Quite honestly, I didn't 'discover' Koala Lou until I was in college. I loved, absolutely loved, taking children's literature classes. But back to focusing on the book...

Koala Lou is a book that shouldn't be missed. It's simple, beautiful, and timeless. "There was once a baby koala so soft and round that all who saw her loved her. Her name was Koala Lou."
Thus begins a book of a mother-daughter's loving relationship. "The emu loved her. The platypus loved her. And even tough little Koala Klaws next door loved her. But it was her mother who loved her most of all. A hundred times a day she would laugh and shake her head and say, 'Koala Lou, I DO love you!'" But as the years go by and Koala Lou has new siblings added to the family, there are times she begins to doubt her mother's love. What will she do to earn her mother's love and approval? And what can the mother do to share Koala that love is truly unconditional? Read and see for yourself!


Fox writes, "Like mothers and fathers and teachers, authors should not have favourites. I can’t help it: Koala Lou is my personal favourite, probably because it’s about sibling rivalry and not winning an important competition which means it’s about me."

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