Tuesday, November 20, 2007

100 Books Your Child Should Hear...

Here is a a library's list of 100 Books Your Child Should Hear Before Starting School. The library is the Public Library of Westland. There are 100, but I'm listing only ten. I've got to motivate you somehow to go visit their site after all :)

  1. Where’s My Teddy?
    Alborough, Jez
  2. Miss Nelson is Missing
    Allard, Harry
  3. Happy Birthday, Moon
    Asch, Frank
  4. Ten, Nine, Eight
    Bang, Molly
  5. Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing
    Barrett, Judi
  6. The Three Bears
    Barton, Byron
  7. I Like Myself
    Beaumont, Karen
  8. Madeline
    Bemelmans, Ludwig
  9. The Mitten
    Brett, Jan
  10. Clifford, the Big Red Dog
    Bridwell, Norman
The site also includes Anita Silvery's 100 Best Books for Children The list begins with birth and goes through age 12.

Board Books: Birth to Age 2

Picture Books: Ages 2 to 8

Books for Beginning Readers: Ages 5 to 7

You will definitely want to finish the rest of the list which includes "Books For Young Readers: Ages 7 to 9" and "Books for Middle Readers: Ages 8 to 11" and "Books for Older Readers: Ages 11 to 12."

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