Friday, August 30, 2019

Anne's Kindred Spirits

Anne's Kindred Spirits. Kallie George. Illustrated by Abigail Halpin. 2019. 64 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: The day dawned bright and cheery at Green Gables.

Premise/plot: Anne Shirley is staying at Green Gables. Her dreams are starting to come true. But will she find a bosom friend? Will she find a best, best friend and kindred spirit? Perhaps. Okay, she does! Her name is Diana. But life still has its hiccups. Marilla misplaces a brooch—a family heirloom—and blames Anne. Anne confesses to the crime so that she can go to the Sunday school picnic. But will Marilla let a “naughty” girl go? In this one, the two must learn how to communicate better!

My thoughts: I love the original novel. I do. I’ve read it dozens of times. I know all the twists and turns. I love all the twists and turns. I appreciate the adaptation. It is a gentle adaptation that is faithful to the original at least in spirit. It presents a few episodes at a time, and illustrates them perfectly. I love, love, love the illustrations!!!

The original novel may not hold the attention of many young readers (as a read aloud). The chapters may prove too long for their attention span. The language may be a little too descriptive and flowery. But this adaptation shares the heart and soul substance of the original with a new audience. Little ones can grow into Montgomery’s original text.

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