Monday, May 11, 2009

A Small Surprise

Yates, Louise. 2009. A Small Surprise. Knopf.

This book celebrates small surprises in life. In particular it is about a white bunny finding great joy in being small. Why is it so great to be small? Well, this little bunny can disappear and reappear. Being small makes this little one magic.

I wasn't crazy about this one to be honest. There were elements I liked. But I wasn't so fond of some of the illustrations. There's a scene where the bunny has disappeared inside a snake, and a scene where he's inside a lion. Yes, the bunny reappears after each dangerous encounter. But still, it left me unsettled. While some young readers may be fine with this, I was an easily traumatized youngster. Probably too-sensitive to such stuff. So chances are good that you'll like this one more than I did.

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