Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rattletrap Car

Root, Phyllis. 2001. Rattletrap Car. Illustrated by Jill Barton. Candlewick.

What's a family to do when they need a vacation--a relaxing day at the lake--but their car doesn't go fast or far? Read and see in Rattletrap Car.

Junie was hot. Jakie was hot. Even the baby was hot, hot, hot.
"Let's go to the lake," said Junie and Jakie.
"Go," said the baby.

Even though the father thinks the car isn't in any condition to make it all the way to the lake and back, he's game to give it a try. So they all make preparations. What do they bring? Razzleberry, dazzleberry, snazzleberry fizz; chocolate marshmallow fudge delight; a beach ball; a surfboard; and a three-speed, wind-up, paddle-wheel boat. Do they make it? Is there day everything they hoped it would be? You'll have to read and see for yourself.

Loved everything about this one: the story, the characters, the language, the illustrations. (The rattletrap car, for example, goes "flippita fluppita fizzelly sizzelly wappity bappity lumpety bumpety clinkety clankety bing bang pop!") This one is fun. Purely silly. Worth a giggle or two at least.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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