Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy Do You Love Me?

Willis, Jeanne. 2008. Mommy Do You Love Me? Illustrated by Jan Fearnley.

Mommy Do You Love Me is a sweet and charming picture book about a hen and her baby chick. Unconditional love. Little Chick wants to know if his mother will always always always love him no matter what. Of course the answer is predictable--yes, of course he's still loved--but sweet. Here is what the jacket says,
"Mommy, do you love me?" asks Chick.
"I love you more than words can ever say," the hen replies. And she gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Even when Chick makes funny faces, splashes in the mud, and comes in last place, his mommy still loves him. But does she love him when he cheeps and chirps and shouts very, very loudly? Does she still love him when he misbehaves?
It's a cute book for parents to share with their children. It does have a universal message. But it's also a fun message. The illustrations are so delightful, so playful, so right that it just works really well. They're able to capture the spirit of the text. So this is one I'm happy to recommend.

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