Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Annie and Simon

O'Neill, Catharine. 2008. Annie and Simon.

Annie and Simon is a cute-and-funny early reader about a dog, a sister, and a much-older brother. Simon is one patient brother. In each chapter, Annie and her dog, Hazel, get into trouble. It may not be easy to have such a trouble-making (trouble-finding team) but Simon loves them just the way they are. Most of the time. In "The Hairdo," for example, Annie decides she wants to be a hairdresser. Simon patiently allows her to style his hair. She then styles her own hair--and gets the comb stuck in it--Simon patiently rescues her and saves the day. Throughout the ordeal (for an ordeal is exactly what it is) Hazel is being Hazel. A dog that is not obedient or trained. A dog that has a mind of its own. (Much like Annie has a mind of her own and isn't trained or obedient!) There are four chapters in all. The first and the last are my favorites. In the last chapter, "The Falling Star" the two get in a big fight. Annie declares that she doesn't want to be his sister anymore. But the two do eventually make up and all is right with the world. Family drama--the ups and downs of sibling relationships--is what you'll find in Annie and Simon. A thoroughly enjoyable early reader/chapter book.

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