Friday, February 8, 2008

Young Readers Challenge Month Two:

The Young Readers Challenge is in its second month. While it isn't a rule that the twelve required books be read one per month, that is a good a way as any for spacing out these round-up posts.

First off, let me say...that there is still time to join in the challenge. There is no official deadline. So don't think you're out of luck if this is your first time hearing about the challenge. The more the merrier.

In this round-up post, you have the opportunity to share with others what you've been reading. You may do this in one or two ways.

1) Leave a comment with a link to your review.
2) Leave a review or mini-review as a comment. So even if you don't have a blog of your own, you can still participate.

Some of you may be wondering how "long" or "short" a review would need to be. Really, it doesn't matter. I would say at least two sentences. :) Unless you use a lot of semicolons. :)

So leave me a comment anytime in the month of February, and I'll *eventually* round them up here in the body of this post with a snazzy little summary or intro of some sort.

So enjoy your month of reading...I look forward to the reviews.

I have been reading a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Little House in the Big Woods; Little House on the Prairie; On the Banks of Plum Creek; By the Shores of Silver Lake; The Long Winter; Little Town on the Prairie; These Happy Golden Years; The First Four Years. All but the last one would be good for "young readers."

Joy Hall has read Betsy-Tacy by Maude Hart Lovelace and From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. K. Konigsburg.

To read January's roundup.

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