Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Child's Book of Prayers

Kangas, Juli. 2008. A Child's Book of Prayers.

A Child's Book of Prayers takes you through the course of a day--from morning to evening--through the eyes of a child. The book's description--to be exact--says "this cozy book contains prayers for every aspect of a young child's daily life." Some verses--prayers and poems--are probably already familiar to parents. Others, however, are likely to be new-to-you. Whether familiar or new, the prayers are appropriate and fitting and lovely for teaching children of all ages how to pray--how to make God a part of their young lives. (Some are short and lend easily to memorization. Others are longer.)

Example 1: For every cup and plateful, God make us truly grateful.

Example 2:

Two little eyes to look at God.
Two little ears to hear His word.
Two little lips to sing His praise.
Two little feet to walk His ways.
Two little hands to do His will.
One little heart to love Him still.

Overall, I must say that I'd recommend this to Christian parents looking for good books to share with their kids.

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