Monday, June 20, 2011

Squish Super Amoeba

Squish Super Amoeba (Squish #1) by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. 2011. Random House. 96 pages.

Squish is an amoeba was first introduced as a science fair project in Babymouse Mad Scientist. After the science fair, Babymouse returned Squish to the pond. In his first adventure, Squish has to decide if she should do the right thing--stand up for a friend and protect her from harm--or the easy thing--allow the bully to get away with it so that he doesn't become the bully's next target. This dilemma is slightly complicated by the fact that the one "needing" protecting is Peggy the Paramecium. (She is so over-the-top, she may just be my favorite character of them all.) The narrator is quite opinionated and very straightforward. This is a little of what he says about Peggy and her fate: Super sweet! Super clueless! Not Going to live Long!"

I can't say that I love Squish. I can't say that he appeals to me in the same way that Babymouse does. But. I think for the right reader, the right age group, for those looking for GREEN graphic novels instead of pink ones, this might be a good match. I did like that the graphic novel addresses serious issues like bullying and cheating.

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