Monday, September 15, 2008

Be Gentle With The Dog, Dear!

Matthew J. 2008. Be Gentle With The Dog, Dear! (Penguin)

I loved this one. I just loved it. I loved Tag. I loved Elisa. I loved the illustrations and story. It just worked for me pure and simple. It had me from hello. Look at the end papers. Look at the title page.
Elisa is a baby--a toddler really--and she's precious most of the time....well, some of the time anyway. The dog, Tag, thinks she's cute and adorable when she's asleep. But when she's awake, she's a least to him. She loves to chase him. She loves to squeeze him. She loves to sit on him. She loves to pull his tail. She loves to "play" with him. But Tag's the kind of dog that is good and patient and enduring...most of the time. But some things can't be endured.

This is a fun book with an important message. The text just works for me. It is simple and to the point, but it is fun and true to life as well. My favorite line is without a doubt..."There she is...and here she comes." The illustrations are just perfect.

I love EVERYTHING about this book. And it's highly recommended.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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